GavelCalifornia employment law is constantly changing, leaving both employers and employees confused and frustrated.Unfortunately, the law is broken on a daily basis, and it is the employee who usually suffers. Did your boss fail to pay you overtime, refuse to give you meal and rest breaks, not pay you minimum wage, fire you for a discriminatory reason, sexually harass you, or just make your life miserable? If so, give me a call and let’s talk about how we can make your current situation better.

Attorney Justin G. Schmidt built his practice by defending small and mid sized businesses against labor and employment claims. After realizing that his energy was better spent representing employees, he has dedicated his practice and experience in California Labor Law to fight for the rights of workers. By working in defense for over 7 years, Mr. Schmidt has become a a tenacious litigator for employee’s rights. He knows what defense attorneys do before they do it, putting him in a winning position.

Rather than get lost in the shuffle at your typical law firm, call us now for a free consultation and receive the one on one professional relationship that you need to help you resolve your case.